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In   her   own   words,   Lefcort   explains   her   inspiration:   “  My   art   has   Ben   greatly influenced    by    the    boldness    of Andy    Warhol    and    the    simplici  ty    of    l(eith Haring. That   boldness   and   simplici  ty   are   the   keys   to   unlocking   the   imagery. The   vibrant   colors   of the   background   set   the   tone,   as   the   shapes   and   shadows bring   the   portrayal   to   life." Dubbed   "The   Princess   of   Pop"   Allison   Lefcort   has   been   recognized   by   the   art   world as   the   "heir   apparent"   to   the   Pop   Art   throne. Not   since   Andy   Warhol   has   one   single artist   made   such   a   global   impact   on   Pop   Art.   Allison   Lefcort   has   been   named   an "Artist   To   Watch"   by   Art   Business News.